B1A4 sings of a “White Miracle” in new Japanese PV

Korean idol group B1A4 has dropped their latest winter ballad single in Japan titled “White Miracle,” sharing the full promotional video with fans on January 23rd.

“White Miracle” is the first original Japanese track sung by the group, with the song boasting lyrics written by leader Jinyoung.

The music video takes viewers into a forest blanketed by snow, the B1A4 members walking through it as they enjoy the sights and each other’s company. As day turns into night, the group is seen inside keeping warm with a garden background filled with snow, but the floor before them decorated in hundreds of lit up candles. In the end, B1A4 completes the filming as they walk away from one another, the shape of a snowflake imprinted as their path on the ground.

B1A4’s “White Miracle” was released in Japan on January 21st.