B1A4’s Gongchan shows his love towards EXO as an EXO-L!

In recent Instagram posts, B1A4‘s Gongchan showed his love and support for fellow male group EXO, posing in photos with several of its members.

Idols can definitely be great fans as well! Equipped with a lightstick, B1A4’s Gongchan shared his EXO-L status with all of his followers on the social networking service Instagram. The B1A4 maknae snapped photos with EXO-K member Suho and EXO-M member Tao, who appeared friendly to Gongchan as they both struck very close poses with the singer.

In addition to the photos, the singer also left captions, which read, “Came to see Suho at the EXO concert, goodies are cool,” and “My friend Tao too. You’re going to have fun watching my light.

Friendship and fandom among idols of different labels is very fun to watch. Fans expressed their excitement upon seeing the idols posing for photos together, and left comments showing their love for both groups.

Check out Gongchan’s close photos with EXO members Tao and Suho below!

A photo posted by gongchanida (@gongchanida) on

  A photo posted by gongchanida (@gongchanida) on