B1A4’s Jinyoung is exceptionally handsome next to members’ funny faces

On January 30th, B1A4’s Jinyoung tweeted a photo that featured himself surrounded by his fellow bandmates. In the image, Jinyoung looked dashing in a charismatic pose next to his members who were all making funny faces.

Along with the photo, Jinyoung wrote, “Let there be light today~~~ A gusty day when all the secrets are revealed” followed by, “Sorry guys kekeke,” apologizing to his members for tainting their reputation with the weird photo. Their lovable closeness can be felt in this funny photo and it has left fans wanting to see the other members pose coolly as well!

The members of B1A4 aren’t the first ones to take photos that showcased one member’s good looks while the rest of the members made hilarious faces. JYP Entertainment’s rookie group GOT7 also released a similar set of photos where the group took funny selcas featuring each of their individual members.

In other news, B1A4 recently released the PV for their new Japanese single “White Miracle” which topped Oricon charts upon release.