B1A4’s Sandeul talks about the time he got parasites on “How To Eat and Live Well”

In a recent appearance on the SBS show How To Eat and Live Well – Have You Eaten Yet?, B1A4‘s Sandeul talked about the time he had parasites inside his body.

During the June 28th broadcast of the show, both B1A4 members Sandeul and Gongchan made an appearance on the show. Sandeul picked intestines as his favorite food among other dishes, and revealed that he once got parasites from a food he ate one night before eating intestines.

Sandeul said, “I went out on a health program, and a dangerous diagnosis on my lungs came out. I was surprised because I expected people who sing to have healthy lungs.” He further went on stating, “But before the intestines are eaten there is raw liver that comes out. It was because of the raw liver that I got parasites, and threw up.”

Gongchan also added, “Hyung eats a lot of raw liver. Before the intestines came he ate five dishes of the raw liver.”

Meanwhile, Sandeul impressed netizens with his appearance on the hit show King of Mask Singer, while fellow member Gongchan became an MC for the show A Song For You. The group also collaborated with KakaoTalk to release “Real Emoticons.”

Source: Star News