BADKIZ releases MV for their 3rd single “Babomba”

BADKIZ has returned with their 3rd digital single “Babomba.” The ladies also energized their fans with an upbeat and eccentric music video for “Babomba.”

This cute and quirky group of girls have fun to an electronic pop beat, as they throw foam in people’s faces! Debuting with the track Ear Candy in March, BADKIZ has kept fans up to date with their activities through their official YouTube channel.

Netizens’ reactions have been positive towards the silly and light hearted music video, with comments like “The choreography is so funny,” and “It’s hilarious! xD awesome MV and song.” Some people even compared the group to a mixture of Crayon Pop and PSY.

We last saw the girls in October for their live rendition of the Brown Eyed Girls track Second on October 7th.

Take a look at their latest music video!