Baek Ji Young and Song Yu Bin reveal jacket cover for collaboration

On March 16th, ballad queen Baek Ji Young and rookie ballad prince Song Yu Bin unveiled the jacket cover for their upcoming collaboration digital single “Garosugil at Dawn.”

In the revealed photo, the singers are looking away from each other with an emotional expression in their eyes. The background image of rain drops on the overall cool tone jacket cover accentuates a melancholy mood.

Although Music Works has dropped clues on the two vocal stars’ collaboration single, no specific content of the track has been revealed. Therefore, many music fans’ have been waiting with much curiousity. With the newly revealed jacket cover, fans have begun hypothesizing on the possible direction that the collaboration track will be taking.

According to Music Works, “‘Garosugil at Dawn’ is a fantastic ballad with Baek Ji Young’s longing voice and Song Yu Bin’s unique emotional voice.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the collaboration single “Garosugil at Dawn,” set to be released on March 24th!

Source: Top Star News