[★TRENDING] Baekhyun’s abs trend worldwide after photo of training with Xiumin and Chen posted

EXO‘s fitness trainer updated fans with a photo on his Instagram which caused Baekhyun’s abs to trend on Twitter.

On July 13th, trainer Nae Jong Seok updated his Instagram with a photo that showed EXO’s Xiumin and Chen standing to one side and Baehyun on the other as they prepared for another round of the sense game. The photo was captioned, “Before starting the second round. Who could these determined people be? Ahh~~ it is calm and quiet. Actually they’re trying to figure out who will begin first keke #jayangdongresidents #sensegame #determined #rainysunday #withselfmaintenance #giveyourlegsrestonsundaysplease #letmedatetoo

However, what caught EXO-L’s attention were focused on Baekhyun’s abs as he held his hand over his stomach.  Fans quickly pointed out that “Nutella abs” (a play on “chocolate abs”) trended worldwide at number eight and in Korea.

Do you think Baekhyun’s abs are tweet worthy?

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