Join Koreaboo In The #BanishThePhoto Campaign

A new campaign has launched in South Korea, #BanishThePhoto, which aims to stop companies from requiring profile photos on their resumes.

Applying for a position in a company in Korea? Well, you’d better include a profile photo of yourself along with your application or else your resumes going in the trash. But does this profile photo have anything to do with your expert skills to do the job you’re applying for? Does it in any way measure your intellect, your work ethic, or even your passion?

Despite this generation of students being some of the most talented and educated in Korean history, recruitment in Korean companies continue to stray behind with profile photos still being mandatory for resumes and job applications. On top of that, some companies go as far as to ask you for your family members’ occupation and income as well. Which begs the question, what does that have to do with one’s ability to do the job?

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Recruiting in Korea: The Acquisition of Character

#BanishThePhoto is a campaign that was recently started by those looking for change within Korea. Their petition on has been rapidly gaining momentum and is calling for Korean companies to remove the mandatory profile photo.

“Archaic and pervasive, it’s time for Korea to have a systematic overhaul in the way they recruit and hire talent.” — Mike Kim

The way you look shouldn’t impact on getting the job you’re more than qualified for. Show your support today!


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