Bare-faced photo of AOA captures fan attention

Fans and netizens discuss a photo that emerged of AOA members with no makeup.

Celebrities and idols with no makeup typically generates a hot debate among netizens and fans. On Pann, a photo of AOA members with no makeup has emerged, quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion.

Originally titled “AOA With No Makeup hahahahahahaha,” here is the direct translation of the post and the comments below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.35.43 PM

“I heard this photo is AOA members with no makeup but I really can’t tell who’s who.”

“I think there are couple pretty ones haha but I think there are really drastic ones as well”


hahahaahahhaahahaha the comments are so biased hahahahahaha I saw this picture on Facebook so I didn’t photoshop it or anything hahahaha What are you guys saying hahahaha Did I say everyone was ugly? Can’t you guys read? haha Some people are claiming that Seolhyun is so dark in this photo but I admit she really came out bad in the photo hahahahaaha fuck you guys are so biased hahaha”

[+156, -2] Mina is pretty

[+128, -23] Where is Seolhyun?

[+122, -2] I think Jimin looks good actually with Mina

[+120, -3] Mina and Choa looks the same

[+115, -26] The picture I posted originally is this photo but I think the poster changed the photo a little bit to make them darker. Please don’t edit if you’re going to post it anyways.


[+106, -27] Seolhyun is too severe..

[+66, -3] Choa is pretty

Source: Pann