BEAST assures fans not to worry about the 5-year jinx theory

BEAST expresses their thoughts on the 5-year jinx theory, a theory that predicts idol groups do not last for more than five years, as they enter their sixth year.

Debuting in 2009, the group celebrated their 5th debut anniversary on October 16th, and unveiled a special mini-album TIME on October 20th specially to thank their fans. They also held a unique “561 project”, which stands for 5 years, 6 members, and becoming 1 with B2uties.

In an interview with Korean media, leader Doojoon expressed his thanks and a relieved mind as he says that “five years is not a short period of time“. He continued, “I did not know that the threshold for the music industry would be so high. Before us, 4minute made a very successful debut with ‘Hot Issue’. I had the thought that if we went out as a group, we would do as well as them, but was scolded for this. If that incident didn’t happen, something disastrous could have happened.

Junhyung added, “There is a lot of talk revolving around the 5-year jinx theory. The key point is not to have thoughts like ‘we must cope well’. I think our fans know it too, we just do what we normally do without letting our thoughts go astray. We keep it going by focusing on our own tasks, so we don’t have time for other thoughts.

During the interview, BEAST agreed that group promotions came first. Doojoon represented the team by saying, “Because we were young and had many things to showcase to everyone, we took on several individual projects. Till a year ago, when we focused more on solo activities, we could feel that the quality of the group declined.

Hyunseung, who formed Trouble Maker with 4minute’s HyunA, added, “I don’t think that the group diverges when we have our solo activities. Through our individual promotions, we could find our own colors, so that when we gathered back as 6, we can help one another.

Yoseob expressed, “Up till our third or fourth year, our teamwork has been great, but we didn’t know what teamwork was. Among the members, I think the feeling of friendship is very strong, so I would owe it to our friendship rather than using the term teamwork.

He followed by saying, “Although it is difficult to know what is in place for us for our future, I think BEAST will carry on. I want BEAST to shine brightly and continue doing this for a long time.”

Junhyung also said he had similar thoughts, “During our promotions for ‘Good Luck’, I had the thought that from then on, even after 10 years, BEAST would still continue on.

Yosseob added, “When BEAST just debuted, we just followed the professional directions from the company when it came to filming music videos or shooting pictorials. But now, there is an opportunity for us to input our own thoughts and produce the music that we want. With Junhyung’s venture into being a producer, it shows how much freedom we are given.

During the early years when we lived in the dorm, there were conflicts among us. But from the third year onward, we became more understanding with one another and knew one another better so there didn’t seem to be any big fights.

In the same interview, BEAST, who debuted around the same time as MBLAQ, also shared their thoughts on their close friends’ situation, in which members Lee Joon and Thunder might not renew their contracts with J.Tune Camp.

Besides coming back with title track “12:30” for their 7th mini-album and topping the charts as soon as their songs were released online, BEAST has also released music video teasers for their upcoming Japanese single “How About You?”.

Source: Xportsnews, news1, newsway, isplus