BEAST discusses the making of their album “Time” in their latest interview

BEAST sat down for an interview with Newsen  to discuss the story behind the making of their 7th special mini album TIME. As a surprise for the fans, BEAST released their second album of the year on October 20th.

Debuting in 2009, BEAST initially were continuously active, releasing multiple albums within a single year, but four years has passed since such a time. The boys surprised the fans by coming back with their second album this year.

After winning the hearts of many fans through their promotions for “Good Luck” and receiving 11 wins for their song, BEAST caught their fans off guard as they released their 7th special mini album TIME four months later.

In their interview BEAST stated that, “It has been three to four years since we released two albums within a year. We felt sorry towards our fans and it made us happy to release a second album for our fans to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We created an album that is suited for the fall season so please enjoy it.”

During their last concert, Yoseob surprised fans by announcing that they would be coming back with a new album soon. Dongwoon said to Newsen that, “During the concert, Yoseob announced that we would be releasing a new album in fall. All the members were thinking that it was time to return sooner since the gap between albums in the past were too long. When Yoseob proposed this, everyone got up and started working hard even with their busy schedules. I am glad that we were able to keep our promise.”

In charge of producing the album, Junhyung said “I was writing songs during our promotions for ‘Good Luck’. I had to prepare ahead of time so that the members and company would have enough time to prepare. After Yoseob announced to the fans that we would be releasing a new album, I shared the songs that I wrote and discussed how everything would be planned out. We concluded that it would be a good idea to loosen up which led to the song ’12:30′.”

“This album could have started because I couldn’t shut my lips. I felt a greater connection to the album since all the members worked hard together to keep their promise to their fans even though they were busy with their schedules. We were only thinking of our fans. We only created this album for our fans to celebrate our fifth anniversary,” Yoseob stated.

“We released an album each year for the past three years before ‘Good Luck’. We felt sorry for our fans who were as impatient as we were. We discussed that we wanted to release three or four albums in a year like we did when we first debuted and spoke about the idea during ‘Good Luck’ promotions. It was something we all wanted. Thankfully, we were able to keep our promise. I became the cool guy instead of the loose-lipped guy. If I didn’t keep my promise, I would have been called a loose-lipped liar (laugh).”

Hyunseung concluded, “I hope the fans enjoy our gift. We don’t want to gain anything from this album and wanted to wrap up the year nicely with TIME.”