BEAST dresses neutral for the winter season in “High Cut”

Following the end of promotions for hit song “12:30” a few weeks back, BEAST has recently regrouped to participate in the latest December pictorial for High Cut!

The theme for this year’s winter pictorial leaned on basic monotone colors, utilizing beige, white, black, grey, and subtle patterns and knits for the main wardrobe. Still, the white background and the neutral clothing enhances each member’s natural charms and maturity.

Donning simple knit sweaters, pants, flannel, and sweaters, hair color too differentiates on various tones of brown, giving it a late fall vibe as well.

As BEAST has reached their 5th anniversary, they further participated in an interview with High Cut magazine regarding their successes and various projects thus far, along with their hopes for the future.

Currently, BEAST’s Yoseob has joined the cast for upcoming musical “Robin Hood,” though the group itself seems to be more at ease with their schedule, as they’ve  recently posted adorable photos with their parents. Nonetheless, BEAST is the most popular K-Pop artist to stream according to Spotify Artist Explorer.

The full pictorial will be released via E-Book and hard copy by December 10th, so make sure to get your hands on their latest issue!

Source: High Cut Korea and X Sports News