BEAST makes a comeback with “12:30” MV

In celebration of their 5th year anniversary since debut, BEAST has unveiled the music video for title track “12:30” which is included in their special 7th mini-album TIME.

Including the title track “12:30”, there will be six songs recorded within this mini-album. The other 5 songs from the album were also revealed to the public, with short audio snippets for “Drive”, “It’s A Good Thing”, “Close My Eyes”, and “STAY”, as well as an instrumental video teaser for the track, “SO HOT“.

Five out of six songs were produced by team Good Life, which is a collaboration between Kim Tae Joo and BEAST member Yong Jun Hyung. The two have been working together for BEAST’s songs for some time already, naming “Shadow”, “Good Luck”, and Yong Jun Hyung’s solo “Flower” as a few of them. Due to the close relationship among the group, Yong Jun Hyung could allocate the singing portions to each member according to his individual skills and strengths, bringing out BEAST’s full colors. Lee Kikwang participated in composing and writing the lyrics for “SO HOT” as well.

The songs in this album seem to have a flow and connection among one another, revolving around the storyline of a love story which ends with a sad separation. “DRIVE” has an emotional hip-hop style, “It’s A Good Thing” talks about a guy who is about to break up, “Even If I Close My Eyes” sings about a sad parting, “STAY” is a dance track with a dreamlike feeling, and “So Hot” talks about a sweet love story.

BEAST has also started promotions for their comeback, including a guest appearance on KBS 2TV‘s variety show I am a Man, where Yoon Doo Joon and Yang Yo Seob revealed their choice in women between hips and chest. According to BEAST’s twitter updates, they have already pre-recorded for next week’s SBS Inkigayo, going head to head with Super Junior‘s follow-up promotions “THIS IS LOVE” which will start next week after the success of “MAMACITA” in September. BEAST’s comeback date also coincides with Seo Taiji’s release of his 9th album “Quiet Night”.

After BEAST’s live performance of “12:30” on Naver Starcast on October 16th (their 5th anniversary), the response has been great, praising how the song is complemented well with piano tunes and outstanding rhythm. With their hit song “Good Luck” bringing them more than 10 trophies on music shows the past June, BEAST also achieved #1 on charts with ballad songs “On Rainy Days”, “Will You Be Alright”, “No More” and hopes to have successful promotions for “12:30” as well.

“12:30” is an emotional ballad with an R&B feel, singing about how it is like after lovers break up, highlighting the regret and lovesick emotions through the lyrics. BEAST also explained how they derived the name “12:30”, as the hour and minute hands on the clock goes in different directions at 12:30. The lyrics sing, “we are like the clock hands at 12:30, with our backs facing each other” and “although everything has ended now, I believe my broken clock will start moving again“.

Source: Osen