BEAST releases audio teaser for 8th mini-album “Ordinary”

In addition to revealing the tracklist for their 8th mini-album Ordinary, BEAST has released an audio teaser for their upcoming album.

As image teasers can be seen throughout the audio teaser, the soothing vocals from the six-member group can be heard as they revealed previews of the album’s eight tracks. The audio teaser started by revealing the title track “YeY,” and continued by giving fans a glimpse of additional songs such as “Oh Honey,” “I Think I Love You,” “One Day,” and more.

Prior to releasing the audio teaser for Ordinary, BEAST released image teasers for their title track “YeY” on July 23rd. The images showcased the individual charms of the members.

Meanwhile, BEAST released the music video for their pre-release track “Gotta Go To Work” on July 19th, whereas Ordinary is scheduled to be released on July 27th.