BEAST releases individual member video teasers for “YeY”

BEAST is set to make their comeback in just a few days with the release of their 8th mini-album, Ordinary. Today, Cube Entertainment surprised fans by unveiling individual video teasers.

The video teasers are for BEAST’s upcoming title track, “YeY,” which was written, composed, and arranged by GOOD LIFE.

The theme for leader Doojoon’s video teaser is “broken.” He can be seen sitting on the roof of a building in Korea in a bathtub, where he has broken sunglasses and a broken phone. Junhyung’s video emphasizes the word “emotion.” After apparently staying out all night, Junhyung wakes up on a water tank. Hyunseung’s video continues to emphasize “emotion,” as he can be seen looking distraught in an alleyway after laying on a pile of trash bags.

Kikwang looks thoroughly confused in his teaser video, and is seen in a red convertible holding onto a small object that reads “Club Y,” supposedly after a night of partying. Yoseob can be seen continuing the party in a club, clearly having a good time. In the last video teaser, maknae Dongwoon takes a break from the club in a quiet area, only to be passed by Donjon and not one, but two girls.

BEAST’s 8th mini-album, Ordinary, is set to be released on July 27th at midnight KST! Check out all of the individual member video teaser’s below!