BEAST reveals colorful teaser video for “Gotta Go To Work”

In preparation for their upcoming comeback, BEAST has revealed the teaser video for “Gotta Go To Work.”

After releasing their group and individual teaser images for their upcoming album, Ordinary, BEAST has promised to pre-release “I Have To Go To Work” before the album’s official release later this month.

The group unveiled an audio teaser of the track on July 18th and followed up with a music video teaser on the 19th. The teaser video shows the adorable side of the members as a change of concept from their last comeback with “12:30.”

“Gotta Go To Work” is about a man who is lured in by his girlfriend but can’t seem to get away from her even though he needs to get to work. The music video is scheduled to be released on July 20th.

Check out the audio and MV teasers below!