BEAST reveals full MV for Japanese version of “YeY”

Uploaded onto BEAST MUSIC OFFICIAL’s YouTube channel, a full three minute and 46 second music video for the Japanese version of their hit track “YeY” has been revealed.

Sounding very similar but actually in a different language and with changed lyrics, the Japanese version of “YeY” captures BEAST in the same concept as in the original Korean music video. The scenes were also taken from the same music video filming session for the Korean version, although there are some differences upon closer inspection.

On the other hand, the original Korean music video has reached almost 4.5 million views in a month, while the song had nabbed four music show trophies.

Meanwhile, the six-member group has just kickstarted their 2015 Beautiful Show concert tour in Seoul on August 29th and 30th. From the solo concert, fans are also speculating that BEAST members may be enlisting in the military very soon.