BEAST shows the perfect night out in short MV for “Hands Up”

On April 10th, BEAST unveiled the short version of the music video for their latest Japanese single, “Hands Up.”

Although the group has teased fans with releases of video teasers in days prior, this video will be the longest preview so far.

“Hands Up” is the second release from their monthly Japanese single project and it already rose to the top of music charts soon after its official release on April 6th.

Released under their new independent label BEAST Music, the song is an upbeat electronic track. The short version of the music video is set in an empty dance club as a mysterious woman walks through the venue.

The lyrics flash through the screen in LED fashion, adding onto the party atmosphere of the song. The chorus features a rhythmic beat as the member’s clear vocals lighten up the mood.

The group’s promotions for this track will include fan meets through major cities such as Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Meanwhile, members have also been busy with their individual activities as Doojoon is participating in Let’s Eat 2 and Junhyung featured in MFBTY’s comeback.

Take a listen here:

Source: Star News