BEAST takes a trip down memory lane with mysterious comeback video teaser

On July 9th, BEAST revealed a mysterious and intense video hinting their highly anticipated summer comeback.

The short video runs under a minute long and is accompanied by a daunting soundtrack. As various four-digit numbers flash across the screen, a final peek of “2015 8” and “2015 7” can be seen.

A large “COMING SOON” ends the video on a high note. Detective fans have pieced together that the numbers shown in the first half of the video are the group’s Korean debut and previous comeback dates as follows:

1014 “Bad Girl”
0301 “Shock”
0928 “Breath”
1109 “Beautiful”
0517 “Fiction”
0722 “Beautiful Night”
0719 “Shadow”
0616 “Good Luck”
1020 “12:30

While the video reveals no other details, fans are already hyped up for the group’s promised comeback following member Dongwoon’s Japanese solo endeavor.

Check out the video here: