BEAST’s Hyunseung gives fans a late Halloween treat

In his latest Instagram post, BEAST‘s Hyunseung playfully treated fans to a scare with a late Halloween selca.

BEAST member Hyunseung took to his Instagram on November 2nd and asked fans “Here is where“.  Accompanying his caption is a black and white picture of the idol himself with his eyes rolled back until the whites of his eyes are seen. Fans had varied reactions as some came to comment how scary he looked, while some others were amused and commented how cute he was even with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

In other news, BEAST took their fourth win for the week with their title track “12:30” on SBS Inkigayo. BEAST also recently released the choreography practice video for “12:30” on October 30th after the music video had reached 2 million views on YouTube.

Take a look at his post on Instagram below, and be sure to follow him!

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