BEAST’s Yang Yoseob shocks fans with muscular transformation in latest Instagram post

On May 28th, BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob shocked fans when he uploaded a new photo to his Instagram that illuminated his muscular arms.

In the simple photo, Yoseob is seen in a white shirt with his dog Yang Kang on his shoulders against a solid background. He drew laughter with the photo’s caption which reads, “Ever since I visited Japan, my shoulders feel heavier.”

However, in addition to Yang Kang, Yoseob’s muscular arms caught the attention of fans, especially due to his choice of a sleeveless shirt. The simplicity of the picture added to the effect, as fans’ eyes were drawn to his shoulders to begin with because of Yang Kang. Because of Yoseob’s past aegyo image, Yoseob’s sudden display of his increased arm muscle surprised fans.

Netizens left positive comments including, “Muscle daebak,” “Oppa has become more sexy,” “Yang Kang has become cuter,” and more.

Meanwhile, the members of BEAST established their own label, BEAST MUSIC, in Japan and have been releasing one Japanese song each month, which will eventually add up to ten new songs in ten months. Previous releases include “One” and “Hands Up.” Their next release in Japan will be “Can’t Wait To Love You.”

Additionally, Yoseob made a special appearance in fellow member Doojoon‘s drama series, “Let’s Eat 2,” where they even sported matching hairstyles. Yoseob also teamed up with Kim Tae Joo and fellow BEAST member Junhyung for an OST for “Let’s Eat 2.” Furthermore, Yoseob will be featuring in Grammy winning artist Sumi Jo’s upcoming album.

What do you think of Yoseob’s muscular transformation?

일본 다녀왔는데 어깨가 더 무겁다.

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Source: Yoseob’s Official Instagram and Newsen