Behind-the-scene stills from Lee Kwang Soo’s Hong Kong CF released

Various still cuts from Lee Kwang Soo’s latest CF for Frutip Hong Kong’s “Nestle” were released, which he shot alongside Hong Kong’s Lo Fun. 

The stills reveal Lee Kwang Soo in various outfits for the CF’s shooting, including a simple shirt and tie, a traditional outfit, and Christmas outfit. No matter the outfit and concept, the photos reveal a very pleasant atmosphere created by the Korean actor.

With the theme “everything is alright,” Lee Kwang Soo lights up viewers in the CF with his unique, humorous, and witty personality.

According to staff, in preparation for the CF, Lee Kwang Soo had work hard to correctly pronounce the words in Cantonese, even going as far as asking his CF partner for help. Wrapping up the shooting, the actor had even shaken hands with the CF staff in thanks, who in return had praised his friendliness and gestures.

Lee Kwang Soo will be appearing in various advertising portals for Frutip Hong Kong, including television, magazines, and online through SNS.

Source: Star in