Berry Good returns “Because of You” with new MV and single

Girl group Berry Good has officially returned with its 2nd digital single “Because of You” with their new lineup on February 9th. 

Berry Good made their debut in 2014 with their first single “Love Letter,” and has reorganized their team with new members for their second single. With their new member, five different unique colors will be revealed to fans, along with each of their youthful charms.

The group now including members Gowoon, Sehyung, Daye, Seoyul, and leader Taeha, shoot a refreshing music video as they take to the outdoors and even the beach as they sing their beautiful mid-tempo ballad track. An acoustic version of the title track is also available on the single.

In particular, new member Seoyul has gained attention for her connection as AOA Yuna’s younger sister, the two joining the popular sibling bond of K-pop group such as “Jessica – f(x)’s Krystal” and “2NE1’s Dara – Thunder.”

Check out their new song below:

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