BESTie’s UJI releases MV for “Love Letter” featuring Double Sidekick’s Mikey

On February 17th, YNB Entertainment girl group BESTie member UJI released the music video for her track “Love Letter,” featuring The Channels and hit composing duo Double Sidekick‘s Mikey.

The track is a romantic R&B duet between UJI and Mikey that accentuates UJI’s sweet and smooth voice. Although the song is short, only running for a little over two minutes, the two singers’ emotional performance effectively conveys the message of the song. “Love Letter” discusses two people about to embark on a beautiful journey of love together.

The music video for the track is rather simple and features BESTie’s leader and Mikey record their duet, as well as The Channels working on the lyrics and arrangement of the song. The video shows the fun that the artists had while working on the track, but also the amount of hard work and caffeine needed to perfect the song.

“Love Letter” is a sweet love song that really conveys a romantic message. Make sure to check out the track below!