Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young says “Good Bye Tomorrow” in new MV

After teasing fans earlier in the week with a short video teaser, former Big Mama member Lee Ji Young finally released the full music video for her newest song “Good Bye Tomorrow.”

After a three-year hiatus, the singer is finally making her comeback! With her singing experience and powerful voice, the veteran easily pulls off the emotional song, which is accompanied by an equally sad music video.

The song itself focuses on the mistakes and regrets of an old relationship, with the lyrics lamenting the fact that although the feelings are still very much there, circumstances prevent a reunion.

“Goodbye Tomorrow” is part of the Clef Project 3/4and shows that despite not having been active in the music industry for several years, the singer’s voice is still as powerful and emotional as ever.

Make sure to check out the beautiful music video for Lee Ji Young’s “Good Bye Tomorrow” below: