BIGBANG dominated Gaon Chart from May to August

With the release of their singles “M,” “A,” “D,” and “E,” YG Entertainment male group BIGBANG topped the South Korean Gaon Chart from May to August, with the different title tracks of the respective singles remaining on top of the charts for four months that the group has been releasing songs.

Although the group is known as one of the most popular music artists in the country, the feat of dominating the music charts for four consecutive months is incredible and is considered a huge accomplishment even from a well-established and popular group such as BIGBANG.

At the realization of BIGBANG’s incredible achievement, netizens posted about the feat, praising the group and their recent success.


[+ 5638, – 346] Big Bang oh my god…Isn’t this the first time in history for any group to be at the top for 4 months?

[+ 4590, – 292] This is a crazy record only Big Bang could have done this congrats!!

[+ 4173, – 252] 5 of the top 3 are Big Bang dang…

Source: Ilgan Sports