BIGBANG gives recommendations to Taeyang for daughter name

When BIGBANG members get together with a lot of spare time on their hands…you know something funny is going to happen. Watch what happens when Taeyang asks for recommendations for his future daughters name.

“We get to see Haru (Tablo’s daughter) often”

“Do you have a name for your future daughter in mind?”

“Why don’t the members give me some recomendations”

“Your daughter’s name should be pretty. Dong…”

“Since your last namr is Dong. In means of being global, I would name her “Dong Suh Yang”( also means East and West).

“Dong Suh Yang is a good name right?”

“Oh Dong Suh Yang, that’s a good name”

“If she has a boyfriend then he could be called Dong Gu Bat” (which also means an Eastern field)

“I think naming her after a foreign capital would be a great idea”

“So how about Dong Jun?” ( also means coin in korean)

“But it’s your daughter’s name…”

“Then in english her name would be coin”

“I feel like this name would attract a lot of attention”

“As Dong Jun?”


“And finally seungri’s suggestion is?”

“Since your name is Taeyang (which also means sun)”

“How about Dal Yi?” (Dal stands for Moon)

“So her name would be Dong Dal Yi?”

“Yeah since your last name is Dong and she would be Dal or Dal Yi to be an actual name”

“If it was a son, you should name him Dong Kat Su”(also means fried cutlet)

“Or since we are the polite country of the east (Dong Bang Yeui Jigook) we could….never mind”

Source: BADA