BIGBANG members go a little wacko on G-Dragon’s Instagram

BIGBANG doesn’t fail to entertain their fans even on their SNS accounts as the latest update to G-Dragon‘s Instagram account featured all the members going a little crazy.

On June 21st, G-Dragon wrote, “We Like To ????✨ #WELIKE2PARTY #MADETOUR IN #SHANGHAI #LASTDAY SEE YOU AT THE SHOW❤️”.

The video then shares each BIGBANG members shaking their heads like crazy with G-Dragon and Seungri announcing that “We like to party~”.

Currently, the group is on their MADE World Tour, having just finished their three-day stop in Shanghai and will be moving on to Dalian, China on the 26th, and complete their China tour with Wuhan, China on the 28th.

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