BIGBANG releases first “Sticky Rice Cake” clip ft. Taeyang

On May 6th, YG Entertainment delivered on an earlier statement and started the series of “Sticky Rice Cake” clips with the release of a video featuring Taeyang.

Inspired by one of BIGBANG’s latest dual-comeback tracks “Bae Bae,” the series of “Sticky Rice Cake” clips kicked off with a short, 40-second video featuring Taeyang and one of the music video actresses.

Dressed in an outfit reminiscent traditional Korean hanbok, Taeyang rests in her lap as he feeds her and himself little rice cakes while dancing.

The video surely has an outerworldly aura with the strangeness of the content and the swirling galaxies in the video’s background. Commenters seem to be thoroughly entertained by the clip with some excited for what other videos will come next.

These “Sticky Rice Cake” videos will be released every day at 9pm KST until May 10th.