BIGBANG returns “Sober” in latest MV release

BIGBANG released the fifth music video for their ongoing MADE Series release and returns with “Sober”!

With MADE Series D having been released on July 1st, BIGBANG once again shows their goofy personalities through this wacky and fun music video for “Sober.” As the vibe and the lyrics of the song suggest, the members claim that they are sober but just can’t quite get the hang of themselves in the video.

Meanwhile, contrary to their monthly releases, their other track “If You” will not be getting an accompanying music video. The track, in itself, is considered as one of BIGBANG’s strongest and saddest songs to date.

Additionally, with the upbeat tune, BIGBANG is getting fans off their feet to dance along to the insanity going on in this video. MADE Series D will be released offline on July 7th.