BIGBANG shares stories about Yang Hyun Suk on “Happy Together 3”

BIGBANG‘s first variety appearance since their recent comeback has definitely garnered much attention. Among many stories shared, the members talked about YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

During Happy Together 3’s episode aired on May 21st, BIGBANG pointed out that Yang Hyun Suk actually feels most difficult around T.O.P. However, they also agreed that T.O.P is the member who probably does not listen to Yang Hyun Suk as much as other members.

Taeyang commented, “When Yang Hyun Suk was a panelist for the survival audition program, he asked YG artists to come out but T.O.P didn’t come on the day. Although he was fairly angry at us because T.O.P didn’t come, he didn’t say much to T.O.P.” When the MCs asked whyT.O.P did not go that day, G-Dragon, as the swift and humorous leader of the group, answered, “He was filming for a movie.”

Afterwards, G-Dragon revealed that he was moved by Yang Hyun Suk’s interview, mentioning his wish to go along with BIGBANG for another 20 years. While T.O.P, humorously and honestly, commented that he was actually befuddled by the interview because the members have already agreed that they would part without regret when the time comes. So, T.O.P regards another 20 years of continuous development to be realistically impossible.

Some of the comments regarding the episode included, “Feel like T.O.P will change his full time career as an actor,” “T.O.P looks the best when he raps,” “Please promote even if you’re all in the 50s and 60s,” “BIGBANG’s hilarious,” “CEO Yang would be sad,” and many more positive responses.

Source: g-enews, style M