BIGBANG’s Seungri spotted leaving club with a group of unidentified women

BIGBANG’s Seungri is the center of controversy once again, as Chinese media are reporting that the idol left a Taiwanese club with several beautiful women after a night of partying.

Chinese media are reporting that Seungri was spotted at a nightclub in the Daan District of Taipei having fun with many beautiful women. He was seen entering the club at around 1:00am and leaving at around 3:00am.

In the pictures captured by the media, Seungri was seen holding hands with a “sexy and well-endowed” woman. The girl reportedly pointed towards a direction and whispered something into Seungri’s ear. Seungri acknowledged the girl by pointing in the same direction as well.

However, later on, Seungri was seen busily flirting with other women by the door of the nightclub, making them laugh by dancing on the street. At the end of the night, Seungri was seen leaving the scene with a man, followed by a car full of the beautiful women that Seungri flirted with, to their next destination.

BIGBANG was in Taiwan from September 24th to the 27th for their 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE], which coincides with the reports that Seungri was clubbing on the 26th.

Source: Next Mag