BIGBANG’s T.O.P keeps fans guessing with his new hairstyle

With BIGBANG taking a break from their concert and promotional activities prior to their full album release, T.O.P teases fans with his possible concept change. 

Continuously teasing fans with his daily activities through his personal Instagram account, T.O.P sparked speculations of a nearing comeback promotions with his latest update.

On September 5th, he alerted fans of his latest hairstyle transformation, which sparked discussion towards BIGBANG’s full album promotions. He was featured having his hair done and updated fans of his hair change through the caption, “NOW. At this time.” This led to fans to flood his personal page commenting with wonder for his next hair color after sporting the blonde hairstyle for quite some time.

It further led to the usual comeback speculations that as he changes his style, the possibility of their next set of promotions also draws near.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is reported to have taken a break last month in order to recharge and improve the tracks included in their upcoming full-length album. An official release date has not been confirmed.