BIGBANG’s T.O.P Reveals Meaning Of Life In Heartfelt Message Of Advice To Fan

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is known for his trolling and random posts on Instagram. However, once in awhile, he interacts with fans and gives sensible advice. 

Recently, fans managed to capture one of his conversations with a fan through his personal Instagram account. On one of his posts published on January 31st, a fan shared his/her struggles in life and confessed that they find strength on art post, further thanking the rapper and actor, “Thank you for existing. Thank you for being a part of my life and giving me so much strength and so much to think about.”

T.O.P, who is known to read his comments most of the time, gave a touching and sensible response to his fan. He reveals to have been touched by the comment and said that, “Sometimes, not wanting to do anything is proof that we are still alive. When you’re emotionally overwhelmed by feeling insignificant and stressed, try to resolve it visually. Sometimes, search for our overly dulled sense of visual beauty and not forgetting about it can be such a huge donor and blessing. Hang in there, I am touched.” Another comment further closed his statement saying, “Sometimes, just try to feel the beauty that you simply see through your eyes, and try to make your disheartened heart beautiful as well. Doing that is very important to us.” 

Since the comment and response were circulated, fellow fans cannot help but identify with T.O.P’s words, further thanking the rapper for his deep thoughts and heartfelt advice.

The original post was translated by BIGBANGisVIP on Twitter.