BIGFLO reveals MV teaser for “Bad Mama Zama”

Rookie group BIGFLO will be making a comeback soon with the release of “Bad Mama Zama,” whose music video teaser was unveiled on November 19th. 

The teaser shows the group’s members in what seems to be a classy old-fashioned library setting. Each member gets his solo focus before the background music changes and the video’s title  is repeated a few times.

BIGFLO debuted in June this year with the release of a first mini album called First Flow. Their hip-hop sound was promoted through its title track “Delilah,” which was composed by member Jungkyun himself. The group consists out of leader Jungkyun (’87), vocalist RON (’91), vocalist Yuseong (’92), rapper Z-UK (’93), and rapper and maknae HighTop (’94).

More information about the release, such as type of album and release date, has not been revealed yet. Be sure to check up on Koreaboo for updates on the group’s impending comeback to the stage!