Billboard interviews Amber for “Shake that Brass” and “Beautiful”

On April 18th, Billboard revealed their interview with f(x)’s Amber about her solo debut with “Shake That Brass,” and “Beautiful.”

Earlier this year, Amber’s solo EP Beautiful remained on Billboard’s World Albums chart for 5 weeks, peaking at number 2, which showed a different side of her; not only is she a singer, but she is also lyricist who wants to send out a powerful message.

When asked why she released “Beautiful” ahead of “Shake That Brass,” Amber replied “My goal was to give people a better picture of who I was and who I am. ‘Beautiful’ was something that I kept really close to my heart, that I kept from a lot of people for years and years. It’s my story. And I think that was the first impression I needed to give to people as a solo artist. This is who I am; this is what I’m about.”  

When asked who Amber would like to see release a solo album, she said she had a very simple answer: Taeyeon, from Girls’ Generation. She continues with, “I think she’s so talented and she’s great. She’s going to put out something really awesome. I hope she lets me feature on some of her stuff.”

As a final note, she mentions that her song, “Beautiful” is meant to be more of a song for her listeners. “That’s what my definition of music is, as an artist. I want to share that message. I’m not just saying ‘OK, you’re beautiful just because you’re beautiful.’ I really, deeply, sincerely mean you are beautiful the way you are,” says Amber.

Watch her interview below!

Source: Billboard