Blackjacks under fire for making model Kim Jin Kyung apologize to CL

Netizens criticize Blackjacks after model Kim Jin Kyung released an apology to CL and Blackjacks.

Earlier, model Kim Jin Kyung was accused of acting rude towards CL when she appeared disturbed or mad to hear that she looked like artist CL. After the video went viral, her Instagram was flooded with malicious comments from both Korean and international Blackjacks and fans of CL.

Although many fans stood up to defend Kim Jin Kyung, saying that it was her personal decision to not want to look like CL, Blackjacks flooded online pages with death threats and insults.

Since then, the model has issued an official apology.

“Hello. This is Kim Jin Kyung.

Regarding 2NE1 member CL, I wanted to bravely apologize for my thoughtless actions.

I think my rude and thoughtless actions towards when CL was mentioned made both her and her fans uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize. 

I also apologize that I disappointed all of my fans who supported me during this incident.

I’ll try to become a Kim Jin Kyung that acts more carefully.

-Kim Jin Kyung”

However, after her apology was announced public, many netizens claimed that she did not need to do such a thing and criticized Blackjacks for flooding her page. Netizens claimed that by making this a bigger deal, it just made the relationship between model Kim Jin Kyung and CL more uncomfortable.

Here are some of the netizen reactions below:

[+1027, -73] “hahahahahaha They would be angry too if they were told to look like CL hahaha dualism is real haha”

[+996, -62] “Why an apology when she doesn’t want to look like her??? I guess CL fans terrorized Kim Jin Kyung. I guess they proved that all of South Korean women looking like CL is an insult… Good job CL fans.”

[+911, -78] “Kim Jin Kyung’s reaction is normal. She is way prettier.”

[+68, -10] “Everyone be quiet. Another big victim is CL who was at home sleeping T_T”

[+66, -4] “This is most girls’ inner thoughts about CL.”

[+53, -3] “Why can’t she not like looking like CL?”

Source: People DailyComments: People Daily vis Nate

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