BlackSwan’s EB drops a smooth rap with “Let Me Introduce”

On December 16th, BlackSwan‘s EB revealed a short video of herself rapping “Let Me Introduce” prior to the female duo’s official debut.

The upcoming Nextar Entertainment girl group BlackSwan recently also gave fans a treat with their cover of Jessie J‘s “Price Tag” and now rapper EB shares more of her talents in this rap video.

While using Jay Z‘s “Tom Ford,” EB delivers rhythmic and grooving verses. In the simple grayscale video, she is dressed in a graphic T as she dons a backwards baseball cap. The use of various camera angles such as takes of her left and right side profiles as well as straight on seems to be consistent with the track’s theme, “Let Me Introduce.”

EB’s rapping style is a combination of her honest and raspy voice with a hint of power and playfulness. These videos that serve as BlackSwan’s “Music Box” leave fans curious as to what style of music the girls will be debuting with while showcasing their talents prior to the official 2015 debut.

Check out her smooth rap here: