Block B counts down the release of Zico’s solo “Tough Cookie”

Block B‘s Zico is making his solo debut this month with “Tough Cookie”. On October 30th, Zico revealed a teaser image for his comeback and on November 4th a countdown began on Block B’s official Twitter, counting down the hours to the release.

Zico is not new to the solo scene as he has released various mixtapes in the past and has collaborated with artists such as OlltiiHyorin, and Park Bo Ram. However, this is his first official debut as a solo artist. “Tough Cookie” is set to be released on November 5th at midnight and just 5 hours before the clock struck 12, Block B began a count down by releasing an image from the music video. At 3 hours before the release they unveiled another picture as well.

The tweets are simple and do not give away much about the comeback other than the hashtags, #zico #toughcookie #solo #blockb and #in3hours. The first image show 2 boys on bikes in a wear-house, wearing ski masks. The second picture shows the boys again in the same wear-house but joined by 3 other masked boys on bikes. We also spot Zico standing on top of a barrel wearing a jumper.

The track is also said to be featuring an artist but that still remains a mystery, adding to the anticipation and excitement to the release of the song.

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