Block B heats up the Warfield Stage with successful leg of “Blockbuster” tour

On November 11th, Block B gave a treat to fans in the San Francisco Bay Area with their first solo tour and first visit to the city.

After having made their way around the world and through Europe, the boys landed themselves in California for their first ever stage in San Francisco, organized by SubKulture Entertainment. Excited fans lined up for hours before doors opened at 6pm that night to see the group perform live. BBCs even handed out yellow signs and balloons for fellow fans during the waiting period.

Appropriately titled Blockbuster, the concert opened with various clips showing the Hollywood theme with a play on Columbia’s iconic Statue of Liberty introduction, MGM’s roaring lion, and more. Member Jaehyo appeared to be injured as he was seated on a stool while the remaining members danced their hearts out for the ocean of fans at the venue.

The boy group performed a colorful set of tracks, beginning with powerful tunes such as “Very Good,” “Freeze,” “Wanna B,” and “Halo.” A silly selca video by the members transitioned the mood into a mellow romantic one as they retook the stage with “Romantically,” “Ordinary Girl,” “11:30,” and “Did You Or Did You Not.”

Fans were jumping on their feet again after the smooth transition to upbeat tracks such as “No Joke.” The crowd went wild when Block B’s sub-unit Bastarz sang their title track “Conduct Zero.” The energy level continued to build with “Charlie Chaplain” and a highly interactive solo by Zico with “Okey Dokey.”

Then, the group performed newer tracks including “Her” and “Jackpot.” Fans thought the night was coming to a close with “Mental Breaker,” “Action,” “Tell Them,” and “Be My Light” but were surprised by an encore of “Nillili Mambo,” “Nice Day,” a rock version of “Very Good,” and “Movie’s Over.”

Block B’s time in the United States is not over quite yet though as they have just landed in Chicago on November 12th for their second stop on November 13th before closing in Los Angeles on November 15th.

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