Block B reveals adorable real emoticons for KakaoTalk

Block B revealed that they have teamed up with the well-known messaging app KakaoTalk as they announced the release of their real emoticons on May 14th.

The group has released 24 real emoticons where the members can be seen expressing different emotions varying from being happy, sad, excited, dancing, and more while both individual and group emoticons are available.

Although the emoticons have just been released, member Ahn Jaehyo has already shared his love for them as he posted a photo of a KakaoTalk message with his mother onto Twitter, revealing that he has already used the new emoticons.

Meanwhile, Block B’s sub-unit BASTARZ released their debut music video and track “Conduct Zero” on April 14th. The sub-unit consist of B-Bomb, P.O, and U-Kwon while the music video revealed their wild side as they had aggressive rap verses and choreography.

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