Block B subunit BASTARZ reveals album audio preview for “Conduct ZERO”

BASTARZ, the first subunit of Block B, will be making their debut in just a few days and have revealed the album preview for their very first mini-album, Conduct Zero!

Ahead of their subunit debut, the album preview reveals a total of five new songs and an instrumental version of “Conduct ZERO.” The members take a role in the creation of each of the songs, with the help of leader Zico on the first track, the familiar “Conduct ZERO” that was teased previously. Other songs in the album are “Charlie Chaplin,” “Thief,” “Nobody But You,” and “Sue Me.”

After a string of mysterious teasers, it was finally revealed last week that P.O, B-Bomb, and U-Kwon would be joining forces to return to the music scene as BASTARZ, following the solo releases from fellow members Taeil and Zico earlier this year. With the release of teaser photos and a video teaser for “No Manners,” anticipation is high for what the new group has in stored for fans.

BASTARZ is set to release their first mini-album on April 14th and with 4 days remaining, expect more teasers to come.