Block B’s P.O wrote about the fart smell of Winner’s Mino in their high school yearbook

Block B’s P.O and Winner’s Mino are now in two separate idol groups, but they were once BFF’s in their high school days.  And just like ordinary high school BFF’s, they had a close and goofy relationship!

It’s known by many that P.O and Mino attended the same high school and were also in the same class as one another.  Having similar interests and dreams, they were closer with each other than any of their other classmates.  They were always together, not only in school, but also wherever they went.

Block B PO Winner Mino

Block B PO Winner Mino

In 2010, Mino and P.O were featured together on VJs on the Scene, one of South Korea’s TV shows, where they demonstrated their rapping skills in front of the camera.

Block B PO Winner Mino

In their high school graduation yearbook, P.O wrote, “Song Minho’s (Mino) fart smells like a cat’s claw smell.” He also wrote, “Lim Da Young is prettier than Kim Taehee.” Lim Da Young was his ex-girlfriend throughout high school.

More surprisingly, Shinee’s Taemin was also one of their classmates, writing in the yearbook, “Thanks everyone. Please love Shinee and I hope you guys can outdo me!”

Block B P.O, Shinee Taemin, Winner Mino


Source: nappeungizibe91