Block B’s unit BASTARZ reveals remaining members for upcoming promotions

The remaining members for Block B‘s first unit has been announced, their concept photos of color and black-and-white unveiled simultaneously.

In the early night of April 6th, Block B updated their SNS accounts and wrote, “We will reveal the remaining members of ‘BASTARZ.’ ‘Everyone, this mysterious phantom B-Bomb will steal your heart.’ ‘The owner with a deadly charm, U-Kwon.’ #BASTARZ #B-BOMB #U-KWON #BLOCKB #ConductZERO.”

U-Kwon, B-Bomb, and P.O, who was the first member to be revealed just a day prior, will be promoting as a unit with Block B’s Zico leading as producer of their tracks. Following the formal announcement of all the members, Zico further shared a group photo of the trio in what looks like to be from their music video set.

Stay tuned for more information!