Block B’s Zico and Park Kyung lock lips for “SNL Korea”

Straight from a fanfiction chapter, Block B’s Zico and Park Kyung lock lips in the latest episode of SNL Korea. 

On March 26th, Block B appeared as guests for hit television program, SNL Korea, where they participated in a number of skits, rap battle and the segment titled, Fanfic Corner. The romantic fanfiction started with a skit featuring P.O and Se Yong as the main leads.

Se young works as a part-timer in a station cafe where he met P.O by chance. However, a love triangle began with Zico’s appearance, as he played the role of Se Young’s first love.

Meanwhile, as Park Kyung watched Zico go through a heartbreak, he manages to comfort him with a kiss.

Check out the rest of the fanfiction plot below!

Source: Dispatch