Block B’s Zico transforms into a fashionista on the streets of Paris

Block B‘s Zico revealed himself to be enjoying the sights of Paris, France, with a recent update to his followers on his Twitter account. 

The hip-hop artist posted on February 28th, “Paris,” additionally sharing a photo of himself making a face towards the camera as he poses with shoulders up and hands in pant pockets.

Despite being on his little mini-vacation solo, Zico’s personal taste in fashion does not suffer any as he still looks like quite the fashionista in his beige turtleneck, black long coat and slacks.

Zico has been busy with personal music productions, recently releasing his second solo single “Well Done” in February and achieving an all-kill shortly after its publishing. Additionally, he received attention from netizens after an impressive detective work revealed the reason for his tracks being 4:16.

Source: OSEN