BoA talks about acting in “Big Match” in recent press conference

Superstar BoA attended the press conference for the upcoming film Big Match on the afternoon of November 6th, in CGV Gangnam, Seoul. During the press conference, BoA talked about her experience making a debut in domestic films through Big Match.

During the said press conference, BoA expressed, “This may sound informal, but the big match in my life is ‘Big Match.’ I was nervous as this is my first film project domestically. I learned a lot through this movie and so it will have a deep meaning and value in my life. As a singer, I have stood on stage numerous times and it was always nerve-wracking. This is same whether I am a singer standing on stage or an actress standing on stage. I will always be nervous.”  

The star-studded movie Big Match, directed by Choi Ho, will not only feature BoA, but will also include big names such as Lee Jung Jae, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Sung Min, and more. BoA is set to showcase her skills in stunts and actioon sequences.

Meanwhile, just a few months ago, BoA made her Hollywood debut with the movie Make Your Move. BoA has expressed the sentiment that the movie is like her first love.

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Source: MBN Star