Bob Girls disbands after member Jina is diagnosed with illness

Chrome Entertainment‘s rookie girl group, Bob Girls, is disbanding after member Jina has been diagnosed with encephalitis. Bob Girls was a 4 member group consisting of Jina, Yoojung, Dahye, and Danbi. They debuted with the song “No Way” in June of 2014 and were also deemed the sister girl group of Crayon Pop.

Shortly after debuting, Jina was diagnosed with encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain commonly caused by viral infections. In most cases it is not life threatening but living the life of an entertainer would be too daunting on Jina’s health.

Therefore, on February 24th, Chrome Entertainment in conjunction with the members decided to disband the group and have the member focus on other activities. They did not deem it right to go on as a trio or replace Jina.

Source: Financial News