Boom makes a public apology after controversial behavior

Boom, veteran broadcaster who has been caught in a controversy in the past for his behavior, has made an apology along with his comeback.

On October 30th, before the airing of the first episode of Brave Writer,  Boom made a statement of apology in regards to his past behavior that brought along high scrutiny and controversy.

Boom revealed in a statement, “I am well aware that I have committed something that I cannot be forgiven for, and I apologize for that once again. While I was on hiatus I asked myself a lot about what I have done. It also awakened me from my rudeness and insolence, and made me realize not being able to do what you want is something very painful.”

Boom was involved in a controversy regarding illegal gambling in 2013 and was fined, along with celebrities Andy, Yang Se Hyung, Lee Soo GeunTak Jae Hoon, and Tony An.

Source: Newsen