Bora shocks fans with the state of her immensely bruised arms

SISTAR member Bora is showing her dedication in her preparations for her upcoming appearance on Our Neighborhood Variety Sports which unfortunately has brought about bruising consequences.

On May 5th, Bora updated her Instagram account with chilling photos of the state of her arms, shocking fans with worry. In one of the photos, the SISTAR rapper is seen holding out her arms with a sad albeit cute frown with closer looks at the state of her arms included in following photos.

Practicing volleyball for her part in the variety show Our Neighborhood Variety Sports, Bora’s forearms are bruised nearly black.

She writes, “It hurts… ??? I don’t know if you’ve watched the broadcast ??,” but reassure fans with the hashtag #I’mOkayNow.

Watch out for the episode airing featuring Bora and see how well she does in her volleyball match!

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